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IT Maintenance - what we offer

On-Call Support
IT Consultancy
Why Netizens
  • Annual Maintenance Contract

    Leave us your IT Dept. on us. Your can also customize your maintenance plan. Our custom maintenance programs are available to you weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Please call us for more info about small to large business computer & server maintenance services.

    There are simply too many factors to leave your servers and computer alone. Viruses, updates, spyware and hackers are constant threats to the success of your small or medium business.We are capable to secure your business.

    Plan A
    Monthly 4-6 Times Support Call
    Antivirus Management
    Hardware Troubleshoot
    System Integratiion
    Debelop User Level Skilness
    On-Call Basis Monthly Maintenance
    Call Us
    Plan B
    Monthly 5-10 Times Support Call
    Weekly Routin Visit
    Data Backup
    Sales & Distribution (IT)
    Yearly Physical Cleaning
    Invluding Plan A Catagory Services
    Call Us
    Plan C
    Unlimited Numbers of Support Call
    Server Management
    Website Update
    Bandwidth Management
    IT Inventory
    Including Plan A+B Catagory Services
    Call Us
  • You may need us

    On-Call Services provides 'pay as you go' or 'fixed rate for one day' based computer support to corporates, individual staff, as well as to IT departments who need occasional or one-time support. Our staff will come to your office, or for a reduced fee you can bring your computer to our office.

  • IT Consultancy on Demand

    Whatever the requirement is simply share with us. We can work as an outsource for your organization. We are a dedicated team with considerable experience of business and technical operations

    Planning to setup a new business?

    Investing in technology alone is not enough - an organisation must apply technology effectively for it to contribute to success. With the right results-focused consulting, managers can get to grips with IT and improve their understanding of its role as a key business asset.

    Need a secured IT infrustructue?

    Enterprise networks have become so complex that few IT departments truly have the resources and expertise to manage them entirely on their own, particularly when it comes to keeping them secure. An experienced IT consutant can guide ur IT netwroks in proper way

    IT Management

    From requirement gathering to IT infastructure strategy, we provide a full range of consultancy services and support to help take the hassles out of your IT projects.

    Providing guidance and advice

    We can support and guide your in-house staff when there is a need to obtain external and objective guidance, providing impartial advice in a number of technical and business areas.

    Assessment of your server

    How many servers do you currently manage in your environment? How will standardising your server inventory improve your productivity? is it running well? Share with us

    Assist in IT Procurement

    Consult with us for the right products for your organization. Many of organzations are planning for buying IT equipments but can not indentify which brand or product is suitable for them.

    Our Team

    Netizens IT Consultancy teams are experienced in meeting the IT needs of a wide range of clients from small businesses to public companies and government bodies. Our team will ensure that the IT solutions you choose meet your needs.

    We believe

    IT solutions have to be both practical and affordable, and are tailored specifically to you. With advice from us, you will not end up buying expensive products that are inappropriate for your business.

    What do we offer?

    Business process design, Disaster recovery planning, IT education, Managing IT infrastructure, IT security and website reviews, Exploitation of internet/intranet technologies

  • Why Netizens

    Nowadays IT has become more and more critical for most of companies. If the network fails or a computer has trouble it has a directly direct impact on the business operations.

    Many Small / Medium or Large Enterprises do experience trouble with their own internal IT. That's quite logical in one sense. Can these company make then always motivated when IT is not their core business? What happen when the IT king leaves the company? Can these people afford to stay up to date?

    It may be very efficient to outsource partially the daily maintenance and operation of their IT. Having a contractual relation with a specialized IT services company clears most of the problems and gives you a real independence towards IT. You can always change your IT services company but what about a staff, is it really as simple and straight forward? That's also a good opportunity to cut costs and focus on the core business.

    Netizens can provide rapid support whenever its required to evaluate the pro and cons of this interesting strategy. We are the proven IT Maintenance Service Provider in town. We have a good clients record since 2010. Think About Us.

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